Charlie Sheen: Fun Loving Boob Man, or Sociopath?

Charlie Sheen Ogling His Own WifeThis past week Charlie Sheen entered rehab once again. This after his last appearance in the news in which he landed in jail after tearing up a hotel room and consorting with prostitutes just last December.

The infamous Hollywood bad boy, famous for his movie roles in Red Dawn, The Rookie, Platoon, Wall Street, Hot Shots, Scary Movie 3 and 4 and for his TV role in Spin City is clearly on a roller coaster ride, playing real life as a kind of exaggerated and far more self-destructive version of the alcoholic womanizing TV jingle writer on Two and a Half Men who is incapable of having a real relationship. You have to wonder which of the show’s characters is the “half” man?

Charlie Sheen’s characters have often been this kind of narcissistic, arrogant boy-man incapable of relationship commitment. Is he unable to separate himself from his characters, or is he typecast in roles that mimic his real life? I’ve been studying Charlie for awhile and in this video I give him some sobering advice and a free therapy session during which I take a stab at getting to the root of his issues. After careful consideration of his behavior, I’ve discovered that he exhibits all the signs of being a sociopath. The question is, is this who he truly is, or is it the booze and the coke talking? Hopefully he’ll listen to what I have to say before it’s too late and ends up another Hollywood casualty.

But as with all my relationship and dating advice columns, this is mainly for my readers and viewers. I’m not expecting Charlie to come calling on me for therapy any time soon. His issues are a cautionary tale for anyone in any relationship, but especially women, who think they might be dealing with a sociopath or just want to know how to spot one. In the online dating world especially, it’s getting harder and harder to tell who you’re dealing with at first. However, if you know what to look for, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache.


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