Dr. Jamie Turndorf Analyzed Dr. Keith Ablow’s Psyche

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Dr. Keith Ablow has just dealt a below the belt blow to Chaz Bono and all cross-gender individuals worldwide when he says that sexual reassignment is a, “Surgical remedy for a psychological condition.”  

Ablow goes on to say that teens will be influenced by Bono, and that he will lead female Tomboys to believe that they should be boys and, “Go for a surgical remedy at the plastic surgeon’s office.”

Is this dude clueless or what!?

Sexual reassignment surgery isn’t a nose job! No transgender patient opts for sexual reassignment surgery on impulse or whim. Having one’s sexual organs surgically removed and reconstructed is not a procedure that anyone—least of all the recipient—takes lightly! The fact is sexual reassignment is a process, not an event, that takes anywhere from several months to several years. And before surgery is approved and performed, the patient undergoes an arduous professional evaluation of at least a year’s duration.

Once again, Dr. Ablow’s blowing a bunch of hot air. His ideas are a throw-back to the psychiatric stone ages when it was believed that homosexuality was the result of deep-seated developmental arrest, fixation and illness.

Thirty-Four years after the American Psychiatric Association (APA) voted to delete homosexuality as a mental disorder, many backward thinkers like Ablow continue to view Gender Identity Disorder (GID) as a mental condition, despite the fact that many cross gender individuals exhibit no sign of mental illness whatsoever.  

In fact, some critics of the classification of GID as a mental disorder argue that transsexualism should be listed as a “birth defect” or “rare disease,” citing medical research suggesting a physiological cause.

Clearly Ablow isn’t aware of the latest research that shows that many transgender individuals have the physical brain structures that resemble their desired sex even before hormone treatment. In addition, recent studies are indicating more possible causes for gender dysphoria, stemming from genetic reasons and prenatal exposure to hormones.

As a result of the latest research, it is rumored that the new DSM V (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) will replace the diagnosis Gender Identity Disorder with Gender Identity Dysphoria, which will NOT be considered a mental illness but rather a medical condition, “for which medical treatment (meaning sexual reassignment) is appropriate in some cases.”

Finally, the world at large is getting wind of the facts. In December 2002, the British Lord Chancellor’s office published a Government Policy Concerning Transsexual People document that categorically states, “What transsexualism is not…It is not a mental illness.”

And in May 2009 the government of France also declared that a transsexual gender identity will no longer be classified as a psychiatric condition in France.

The real question is why is Dr. Ablow’s skirt so ruffled? I say the “lady doth protest too much.” Perhaps Dr. Ablow is really a closeted woman. And perhaps Bono has simply scared his (wished for) panties right off of him! We all know how fear morphs into anger and attack; case in point the hate crimes against gays perpetrated by homophobic males. It’s about time Dr. Ablow stop perpetrating his own hate crimes and instead take an honest look at himself and the real source of his fear.

It is time for Ablow and all the other fear mongering doctors to drag themselves into the world of modern thinking and affirm that difference is not disease, nonconformity is not pathology, and uniqueness is not illness.

I say it’s time to muzzle Ablow who reinforces false, negative stereotypes of gender variant people. It’s uninformed people like him, windbags with a platform, who interfere with legitimizing the medical necessity of sex reassignment surgeries (SRS) and procedures for transsexual women and men who urgently need them, subjecting a widening segment of gender non-conforming youth and adults to diagnosis of psychosexual disorder, stigma and loss of civil liberty.


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